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Stephen McLaughlin

Stephen is currently Head Chef at the 2 Michelin Star Restaurant Andrew Fairlie at the Gleneagles Hotel.

After leaving school Stevie undertook a two year course at Glasgow College of Food Technology and upon completion of his studies started at One Devonshire Gardens as second commis in 1994. Rising through all areas of the kitchen, he was a key member of the team that was awarded a Michelin star in 1996. Throughout his time at One Devonshire Gardens Stevie built an exceptional rapport and understanding with Andrew Fairlie, his Head Chef and mentor.
In 2001, Stevie joined Andrew in heading for the brand new venture Andrew Fairlie @ Gleneagles. Starting as Sous Chef, Stevie has made the transition to Head Chef where he currently enjoys being part of, and leading an exceptionally loyal brigade. It is testimony to the combined skills and dedication of the team that within a year of opening they could proudly boast their 1st Michelin star. Whilst in his tenure as Head Chef Andrew Fairlie @ Gleneagles has increased it's AA Guide rating to Four Rosettes and been promoted to 2 Michelin stars.   Throughout his career, Stevie has undertaken stages in some of the world's greatest kitchens, including The Waterside Inn, The French Laundry, Le Gavroche, The Capitol, Nico at 90 Park Lane and most recently Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester. This insatiable desire to learn and improve, instilled in Stevie by Andrew, forms the basis of his leadership style. A shared hunger to achieve continued success is the driving force for the team and the mutual goal of excellence is clear for all to see.



makes 70 bite size canapés


6 Mackerel Fillets

30g Fine Sea Salt

120ml Water

120ml Rice Wine Vinegar

Juice of Half a Lemon

55g Castor Sugar

18g Toasted Cumin Seed

  • Salt the mackerel for 1hr then wash off the salt.

  • Dissolve the sugar in the lemon juice then whisk in the remaining ingredients.

  • Soak the salted mackerel in the marinade for 1hr.

  • Remove the pin bones, skin the mackerel then finely dice the flesh. Chill until needed.


230ml Cucumber Juice

2.1g Agar

  • Bring the juice to a boil and whisk in the agar – simmer for 10secs then sieve onto a flat stainless steel tray (300x530mm).

  • Allow jelly to set then cut into strips 265x30mm.


15G Toasted Cumin Seed

2 Sheets Nori

15g Dijon Mustard

60ml Water

120ml Peanut Oil

  • Put the cumin and nori into a coffee grinder and pulverize to a powder.

  • Add the Dijon to the powder then add the water and oil and mix to a smooth paste.


  • Lay the jelly strip onto a sheet of cling film.

  • Spread a very thin layer of mustard onto the jelly and top with a layer of mackerel.

  • Carefully roll into a long cigar shape and tightly tie a knot in both ends to give you a firm, thin roulade.

  • Chill for at least an hour.

  • Cut the roulade into 15mm pieces.

  • Serve onto a fine crouton and top with as much Ebene caviar as you like.

Bon Appetite!