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Keep your Diva and Ebène in the coldest part of your fridge ideally no more than 2°C. Take out the caviar approximately 30minutes before you plan to serve and consume it, placing the jar directly onto a bed of crushed ice.

Use a mother of pearl spoon, or one made of horn or porcelain as caviar oxidises when it comes into contact with any metal apart from gold.

Place your spoon into the jar vertically to avoid damaging the eggs, spooning directly onto the tongue and rolling it around gently on the palate, releasing the light, buttery, hazelnut and oyster flavours.

Ebène and Diva can be enjoyed with various accompaniments such as blinis and sour cream, creamy mashed potatoes or a cauliflower purée. Avoid strong flavours such as lemon or onions.

The very best way to enjoy caviar is of course with a good champagne, preferably brut 100% chardonnay, alternatively with a good sauvignon blanc or ice cold shot of unflavoured vodka.

Now sit back and enjoy the very best of French caviar!